Standard Electric Underfloor Heating Mat – 160w

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The WarmTouch mat products all have an adhesive backing for easy installation. Use our mats in larger more straight-forward shaped rooms.

Calculate the correct sized mat/s for your area and choose from one of our mat products depending on your requirements. To install simply roll them out, cut the mat backing and turn back and forth to cover your floor.

  • Mats come in a full range of sizes from 1-12m2
  • Full adhesive backing for easy install
  • Quick to install in larger areas
  • The heating cable is only 2mm thick
  • One 3m long connection cable for easy install
  • Lifetime WarmTouch Pro guarantee, and for the first 10 years we even cover the entire floor

This mat is as good as any available. It’s only 2mm thin, has an adhesive backing, class leading technical specification and is ideal for warming floors or indeed heating the floors in any room.

This 160Watts/m2 WarmTouch Pro mat is very powerful and has the benefit of being only 2mm thin! We believe this mat is the best value product on the market. Although the mat maybe slightly more to purchase than lesser quality mats available, it actually saves you money using less leveling compound/adhesive.

You can use up to 23m2 of the 160watt mat systems on one thermostat

Available in a range of sizes from 1m2 to 12m2.

Technical Specification
Output cable
Outer insulation
Inner insulation
Tefzel (200°C)
Thickness of wire
Protection class
One connection 3m long
Multi strand/Red/Red
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Under Floor Heating

1.5m² (0.5 x 3.0m), 10m² (0.5 x 20.0m), 12m² (0.5m x 24m), 1m² (0.5 x 2.0m), 2.5m² (0.5 x 5.0m), 2m² (0.5 x 4.0m), 3m² (0.5 x 6.0m), 4m² (0.5 x 8.0m), 5m² (0.5 x 10.0m), 6m² (0.5 x 12.0m), 7m² (0.5 x 14.0m), 8m² (0.5 x 16.0m), 9m² (0.5 x 18.0m)